Fresh Lime & Ginger Fragrance Gets dishes cleaner & brighter tra-la-la There is no mystery about our soap, it is simply a better soap that is gentle on the hands

Fresh Lime & Ginger Fragrance Spray the dirt away with no hassle or fuss Your oven will look as good as new!

Fresh Lime & Ginger Fragrance Cleans Mirrors & Glass like a charm Squeaky clean was never this easy

Fresh Lime & Ginger Fragrance I will clean everything that water doesn’t hurt Suitable for all surfaces

Fresh Lime & Ginger Fragrance Leaves your bathroom sparkling clean & smelling fresh

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 – Apply, Brush & Flush Removes tough stains while deodorizing leaving an Ocean Fresh fragrance

  Washing is an Art, it requires wisdom and our Laundry soap. It makes your clothes last longer, softer & fresher. Works wonders in any type of washing machine – even cold water. You will love it!  

Feel the freshness and softness that last forever. Refreshing with an old fashioned twist. A perfect combination of floral & Velvet wood fragrances

Feel the freshness & softness that last forever. A perfect combination of citrus, floral & powdery fragrances. (Allergen Free Fragrance)

Fresh Lime & Ginger Fragrance Removes spots in a jiffy on all fabrics Kind to colours