The relationship between a mother and daughter can only truly be understood by mothers and daughters. They can go from fighting to laughing in a second, but one thing remains constant – their unconditional love for one another. But imagining taking this, sometimes turbulent relationship into the business world. And this is exactly what we did.

The idea of starting Vintage Soap box came just after Luzanne got married in 2012.Both of us are creative and work in similar ways, trust each other in everything we do but we are both headstrong.

We both love the imperfect beauty of old things and the romantic nostalgia about it. We created a vintage retro range with a modern twist.

Our Vintage inspired Household cleaning Products & Laundry Care Collection is therefore unique and will compliment any kitchen counter, bathroom & Laundry Room. All our products are specially formulated and manufactured onsite by our affiliated company (Interplay Marketing) which is well known for their enviable reputation in the manufacturing and distribution of household products in South Africa. The Home-Care range is phosphate free and biodegradable.

Our Li-Lu Collection is something of everything – Fabulous Home Décor, Old Sewing Patterns, Ribbons, Twine, Paper bags,Washi Tape, Wedding Favors, Handcrafted items and much more.